The We Are Complex Network Announced

Dual Diagnosis Hub

We aim to partner with a variety of organisations in order to make sure that everyone with co-occurring addiction & mental health issues can recover and has the resources they need to develop healthy addiction-free lives.

If you struggle with your mental health in your addiction recovery, then we hope to try and develop resources that help you to discover exactly how you can develop your recoveries from all of your no-fault illnesses.

What do we mean by ‘no-fault illnesses’?

Well, we didn’t choose to start getting mental health problems or to become alcoholics/addicts, so we’ve learnt to give ourselves a break and seek help with all of the different elements that we struggle with.

When you have 2 or maybe multiple diagnoses, looking after and treating your mental health really needs to stay at the forefront of our minds.

Truth is though, that we need to treat both of our no-fault illnesses i.e. treat both our addictions and our mental health in order to recover.

Next Level Web Design, will be set up as a CIC in order to use its profits to pay for the development of a dual diagnosis resources website and we aim to provide information, advice and support for those who either have a dual diagnosis, support them or for professionals who need tools to help work with clients.

The Mental Health in Recovery website was set up to sign-post 12 Step meetings, from all the main Fellowships, that consider themselves as being safe places for those with some form of hidden disability or concurrent mental and who have to take medication as part of their recovery.

If you’re a professional who is in recovery yourself and you’re aware of any meeting(s) that you would consider being safe places for those with co-occurring disorders then please submit these 12 Step meetings to the ‘Mental Health In’ website by going here

The We Are Complex Network

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